About 4km / 2.5m / 45 mins.

View towards Denne Hill from Kerves Lane
View towards Denne Hill from Kerves Lane - 27 on map
New Footbridge in Parlour Mead Field

At Chesworth Farm the path of the Alternative Route between 29 and 30 on the map has been slightly changed and now (June '23) includes a footbridge, viewing platform with 100m surfaced path and nearby ponds.  Between 28 and 29 on the map is a new Wildlife Garden at the Volunteer Centre.

With thanks to Friends of Chesworth Farm and Horsham Green Gym for both projects.


New Viewing Platform in Tip Field
Gardens near St Mary's
Gardens near St Mary's
River Arun at Chesworth Farm
River Arun at Chesworth Farm


(22) Turn right up Hammerpond Road and turn left into Ghyll Crescent (23). (From the Rugby Club walk down the hill for about 300m). Follow the alleyway between Nos 9 and 10 up to Dickins Way, which goes around to the right and up to St Leonards Road (24). Turn left and left again into Sandeman Way. Between Nos 18 and 20 follow an alleyway down to the Brighton Road (25) and carefully cross to the opposite path. Bear right after 200 metres and go behind the gardens of houses on the right. Turn left at Kerves Lane (26) - beware there is no pavement - and after 150 metres go right (27) through a gate and across a field to the left. On the other side go through the gate, turn right and pass the viewing areas on the left. Where the track meets another track go straight ahead onto a path (28). Turn right onto another track that leads to the right side of Chesworth Farm buildings (29). This path leads onto the junction of Queensway and Chesworth Lane (30) (alternatively there is a signposted short detour to the left that can be followed to go alongside the river and back to this main path). Follow Chesworth Lane ahead and under a railway bridge. Turn left at Denne Road and before the next railway bridge (31) go right onto a footpath that goes alongside the river. Turn right over the next footbridge (32) and continue with the river on your left to come out on the side of Prewetts Mill at Tan Bridge (33).


(33) From Tan Bridge on the Worthing Road follow the path that runs to the right of Prewetts Mill to go alongside the river. Passing The Remembrance Gardens on the left, go right onto a path that crosses over the river (32) and then left with the river on your left to reach Denne Road (31). Turn left and then right into Chesworth Lane, under a railway bridge and straight on down at the junction with Queensway (30). The made up track leads to Chesworth Farm (with a signposted short detour to the right that can be followed to the river, and back to this path further on). Go around the farm buildings (29) and follow the track going left and onto viewing areas on the right (28) to reach a gate on the left. Go through the gate and continue diagonally to the gate on the other side (27). Turn left into Kerves Lane - beware there is no pavement - and the walk continues on a path to the right after about 150 m. Cross a field, staying behind houses on the left, towards the Brighton Road (25). Cross this busy road carefully and continue up through the alleyway between houses to go right into Sandeman Way and up to St Leonards Road (24). Take the next right into Dickins Way and follow round to the left and the path continues right, at the end of the road, towards an alleyway. Continue right along Ghyll Crescent (23) and turn right into Hammerpond Road. Opposite the junction with Doomsday Lane the path continues through trees (22). To reach Horsham Rugby Club continue up Hammerpond Road and the car park is 200m on the left.