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Horsham scouts are again preparing the walk event for this year and it will be starting at 10.00am on Sunday 17th September.

The start and finish will be at Tanbridge House School. Full details will be announced soon on their event webpage but a registration form can be completed here.

Horsham's popular Annual Riverside Walk took place on Saturday 14th May 2022 and started from Horsham Rugby Club car park in Hammerpond Road.

Members of the small committee which organised seven successful Annual Riverside Walks have "taken a back seat", as Horsham Scouts have stepped forward to take over arrangements.

Retiring Walk chairman, David Searle, said, "Horsham Town Community Partnership, the instigator of the Walk, is confident that Horsham Scouts, a strong, local organisation, have the resources needed to continue the Annual Walk. They will be able to introduce new ideas while ensuring that the 13-mile event will still attract many local people. Over 300 took part in September 2021, with many commenting about the sense of community spirit and seeing parts of Horsham they hadn't known about."

Scout District Commissioner, Sal Dartnell, said, "We are delighted that many of the original team are going to stay involved to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for this brilliant event.


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The Riverside Walk committee are extremely pleased that Horsham Scouts did such a good job in their first year of organising this annual event. Thanks to the volunteers and those at Chesworth Farm and Warnham Nature Reserve for their help. The weather was good and we are glad to hear that so many people enjoyed the day. 

About 200 walkers started the route with others joining later, with £600 being raised for the British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal and for Horsham Scouts Jamboree Appeal.  The established walk is of course open to everyone to use at any time and the committee will continue to maintain the route and make improvements when funds are available.

Some photos of the day are shown here, with thanks to Barry Cooper.

The route of the Walk can be enjoyed for exercise by anyone at any time of year and is also good for spotting the changes in trees, hedges, crops and wildlife as seasons change.

The 2022 walk had a few changes made to the route for safety reasons and because New House Farm had an event arranged and was not available for walkers to use.

The length of the walk was slightly reduced to 12 miles as a result and the route was as shown here.

Congratulations to all those who completed the whole walk!

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Map of "Jamboree on Horsham Riverside Walk' 14th May 2022