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"….. came upon the Horsham riverside walk by chance this week..… a real find. I just wanted to thank whoever had the idea and who created the walk and put all the excellent signage in. It's a wonderful resource”







Horsham scouts are again preparing the walk event for this year and it will be starting at 10.00am on Sunday 17th September.

The start and finish will be at Tanbridge House School. More details can be seen on our separate page or on the scouts event webpage but a registration form can be completed here.

Horsham Riverside Walk Logo
The logo
Horsham Riverside WAlk Sign Installing
A direction sign

The Attraction

The 13-mile (20km) Horsham Riverside Walk encompasses the town. It has no difficult gradients and goes through lovely countryside. One section is close to the town centre. It is never far from a bus stop.

Several water courses, including the River Arun, are followed. It also passes some of the older buildings in the town centre, Chesworth Farm, the site of the Motte & Bailey and ancient woodland.

A major attraction of this local amenity is its easy access. This means that you can comfortably walk one section and come back for more at another time. Once a year, though, individuals and groups are encouraged to join others and make the whole journey in one day.

You can download a descriptive leaflet and map from this page.

If you spot any issues on the Riverside Walk which you feel require to be reported to Horsham District Council please email them on

Horsham Riverside Walk Sign Erecting
2014 - fixing a new signpost

Recent Improvements

June 2023

At Chesworth Farm the path of the Alternative Route shown on our map has been slightly changed and now includes a footbridge, viewing platform with 100m surfaced path and nearby ponds.  There is also a new Wildlife Garden at the Volunteer Centre.

With thanks to Friends of Chesworth Farm and Horsham Green Gym for both projects.


New Viewing Platform in Tip Field

August 2021

A plank over a gulley near the Horn Brook at Bens Acre has been replaced with a custom-made footbridge. With thanks to Horsham Green Gym

New Footbridge at Bens Acre
New Footbridge at Bens Acre

July 2020

A new boardwalk has been installed from Hampers Lane to Leechpool Wood.  With thanks to HDC

New RSW Boardwalk from Hampers Lane end

January 2020

Repairs made to the footbridge near Hammerpond Road, with help from Horsham Green Gym.

Repairs to bridge
Repair to footbridge near Hammerpond Road.

June 2018

The surface from Rookwood Golf Course to the Millennium Bridge near Merryfield Drive has been upgraded. The works were funded from S106 monies.

Golf Course to Millenium Bridge 2018 RSW Surface Near Bridge
New Surface near Millenium Bridge 2018

May 2018

The uneven path from Sandeman Way down to the Brighton Road has been given a new proper surface. Works were fully funded by WSCC, Hall and Woodhouse and Waitrose.

Sandeman Way Riverside Walk
Relaid path from Sandeman Way to Brighton Road

June 2017

A 545 metre section of the walk close to Hills Farm Road has been upgraded with a 1.5m width new surface

Horsham Riverside Walk near Hills Farm Lane
Relaid path near Hills Farm Lane

August 2016

A narrow and often muddy path between Warnham Road and the 15th tee of Rookwood golf course, a distance of 530 metres, has been replaced by a compacted stone path 1½ metres wide which avoids crossing the golf course.


Newly resurfaced Riverside WAlk at Warnham Road
Newly resurfaced Riverside Walk at Warnham Road
Newly resurfaced Riverside Walk near Warnham Road
Newly resurfaced Riverside Walk near Rookwood Golf Club


Improvements instigated by HTCP in 2015 included better signage and more seating. A new leaflet and map was introduced in 2016. These have increased interest in the path with many more people using it.

Future Improvements

Wherever possible and practical, HTCP would like to provide a safe, all-weather durable surface to be used by recreational walkers, wheelchair and pushchair users and family cyclists.

Much of the work will be carried out by contractors but community based volunteer groups and individuals of all ages will be encouraged to participate in the on-going maintenance of the route.

HTCP recognise the importance of conserving the natural ecology along the trail. It is an important wildlife corridor between the upper reaches of the River Arun in Horsham and other nature reserves on the Arun downstream, such as the reserve at RSPB Pulborough Brooks.

Progress will be shown on this website, our Facebook page and the local press.