Causeway in Horsham; part of our community
Causeway in Horsham

What is Horsham Town Community Partnership?

The purpose of Horsham Town Community Partnership (HTCP) is to seek the ideas and hopes of local people and organisations and, where possible, make them happen.

HTCP was formed in 2010 and is legally registered as a company limited by guarantee. As such, it can apply for grant funding that other organisations such as local councils -- Horsham District Council or Neighbourhood/Parish Councils -- may not be able to apply for. Our Company Number is 07765509.

HTCP is a voluntary group composed of members of the three Neighbourhood Councils, North Horsham Parish Council, Horsham Society, Horsham Blueprint, Horsham in Bloom as well as other interested residents and organisations of the town.

Our projects are those that residents would like to see tackled but wouldn't be addressed by the statutory authorities for various reasons.

Our aims

The aims of the Community Partnership are to benefit Horsham town and its community by working on issues and projects of interest and concern to the area. These will contribute to securing its long term viability and the maintenance of its particular character, heritage and amenities.

HTCP is action orientated. Any actions worked on, have been highlighted through consultation and views expressed by local people.

HTCP, backed by local community opinion, decides the priority of any actions undertaken and to find the resources to work on projects.

A 5-year Action Plan was produced in 2011 after research through extensive local public consultation, Neighbourhood Councils and information from research work done by Horsham District Council and other organisations.

The two most important resources for the Community Partnership are people and funding.

More about our current and past projects can be seen on the Projects page of this website, with our current action plan.

Ideas for future projects are always welcome.

Horsham Carfax Lights
Carfax Illuminations
Horsham Carfax
Carfax in the Summer
Gardens near St Mary's
Gardens near St Mary's

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