Horsham Scooter Safety

Mobility scooter and powered wheelchair drivers in and around Horsham are invited to a FREE Skills & Safety Session


June 2022 News:-

Free safety sessions are again being offered to mobility scooter users in Horsham by the volunteer group, Horsham Scooter Safety.

Accidents with mobility scooters can cause severe injuries or even death and a 90-minute session shows scooter drivers how to avoid danger.

The 'stay safe' scheme is available to buggy users and usually takes place in Horsham Park. They had been withdrawn due to Covid regulations but recommenced in May.

During a one-to-one session, a friendly 'Scooter Tutor' will discuss with the user the correct use of the scooter and help with safety tips that include spotting and dealing with hazards. Consideration for other pavement users is strongly promoted, with the overall aim of reducing the chance of an accident.

There will be an opportunity to practice safe reversing, turning, and understanding the best ways to cross roads safely. Driving along a pavement is included to encounter 'real-life' situations and advice offered.

Volunteer 'Scooter Tutor' and chair of Horsham Town Community Partnership (HTCP) David Searle said, "Since starting the project in 2018, over 100 scooter drivers have benefitted from our help. We urge more to contact us for details.

"Anyone considering buying a scooter will be helped by driving one of ours for an hour. It may help choose the right one. Experienced drivers often discover a safer and neater way of manoeuvring, for driving into lifts, for example."

The daughter of Maureen, a recent attendee, reported, "Mum was super happy and talked non-stop about her afternoon. I haven't seen her smile like that in a long time! She said it was fun, very useful and she was really pleased she went. A very big thank you to your team."

HTCP and Horsham District Older Peoples' Forum support the project with considerable help given by Horsham District Council.

For more information, see www.horshamscootersafety.org.uk. To chat or book, email horshamscootersafety@gmail.com or phone 01403 269384



More Information can be found on our separate website- https://www.horshamscootersafety.org.uk


Our Facebook page for Horsham Scooter Safety is here:-

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