Horsham Riverside Walk near Grebe Crescent
Riverside Walk near Grebe Crescent
Horsham Riverside Walk Map 2018


It is good to see so many people getting their lockdown exercise on the riverside walk and enjoying some fresh air along with the wildlife and the scenery. Two recent photos are shown below.

We're sorry that leaflets are not available during the lockdown but the map and information can be downloaded from the links below. More details are on the pages for each part of the walk.

Social distancing seems to working well and please remember to help keep the walk free of litter and dog mess. Thank you. 

15th April 2020

Riverside Walk in Bens Acre
Riverside Walk in Bens Acre
Bluebells on Riverside Walk at Grebe Crescent
Bluebells on Riverside Walk at Grebe Crescent

"..just wanted to drop you a line to say how much my husband and I have enjoyed exploring the Riverside Walk during this last lockdown. We’ve used sections of it before, but never all of it." 

"I am discovering more and more of the walk each day. This is having a discernible impact on both my physical and mental health. Thank You"

"You will be pleased to know that the Riverside walk has been a sanity saver through lockdown, as its such a lovely walk. Thank you to all."

The Riverside Walk is 13 miles long (20km) and described in our leaflet, which can be downloaded from the links below:

Visorando Walking Website & App.

You can also find the walk on the Visorando website, which includes a map and elevation details of each part of the walk. Their App will be available shortly to follow the walk in real time on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Enjoy The Riverside Walk

A suggested start of the walk is at Warnham Local Nature Reserve. Going clockwise, the route follows Chennells Brook and later picks up the Horn Brook near Leechpool Woods.

From here the walk continues south before meeting the River Arun just before Chesworth Farm.

Staying close to the Arun most of the way westward, the route passes the confluence with Boldings Brook. Then the walk turns to the north towards Warnham Nature Reserve.

Look for the the way markers to guide your walk. The walk is clearly signed in both directions.

The Riverside Walk logo represents the characteristic oak trees and waterways of the walk.

There are interpretation boards at each of the six sections giving guidance, illustrations of wildlife and nearby places of interest. A north directional compass bearing is indicated with a path guide on each board.

We hope you enjoy your walk and will see how it changes with different times of the year.


Take Care

The Riverside Walk is open all year round but paths can be muddy and slippery at any time. Following heavy rain, sections can be very muddy, especially in winter. Please take care.

Dogs should be kept under proper control at all times.

If you spot any issues on the Riverside Walk which you feel require to be reported to Horsham District Council please email parks@horsham.gov.uk

Horsham Riverside Walk Logo
Riverside Walk Directional Arrow

Car Parking

Car parks are found at Warnham Local Nature Reserve, Roosthole, Leechpool and Owlbeech Wood and in Horsham town.

Be aware of closing times of the car parks before setting out.

River Arun at Chesworth Farm
Chesworth Farm
Walkers in Warnham Local Nature Reserve
Walkers in Warnham Local Nature Reserve