The next Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 11th October 2017, in the Bramber Room, Roffey Millennium Hall, Crawley Rd, RH12 4DT. Start time 7.30pm.

Minutes of Combined Directors & Management Committee Meetings   


From January 2017 these are being held at Amberley Room, Roffey Millennium Hall, Horsham, RH12 4DT

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The Board of Directors of HTCP are currently:
Jane Apostolou - Chairman
Mary Crosbie    -  representing Horsham Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council,

Diane Sumpter -  Treasurer and representing Horsham Forest Neighbourhood Council,
Martin Bruton   -   representing Horsham Denne Neighbourhood Council,
Sue Brundish   -   representing Horsham in Bloom
David Skipp     -   HDC Councillor for Roffey North Ward
David Searle    -   North Horsham Parish Council & Project Manager for the Riverside Walk Project

Ron Bates        -   representing Horsham Blueprint

The Management Committee consists of the Directors and:

Sarah Mustard - Volunteer running the HYPER Youth Council
Jan English      - Volunteer running the HYPER Youth Council