We are sorry to have to announce that this year's Annual Riverside walk has been cancelled. It was originally planned for Saturday 11th July.


"It is a big disappointment," said John Lee, chair of the organising committee. "We don’t know how long the emergency will last and must be sure we are not responsible for infecting volunteers or walkers with Covid-19 virus. The intended self-isolation by the over-70s would also affect our planning meetings and make other arrangements difficult to complete.

"Last year, 320 walkers (and many dogs) started from the Rugby club and we were confident there would be more this time. However, the experience of previous years and the arrangements and contacts already made preparing for this year, will be carried forward to next time."

Improving the route of the Riverside Walk is a continuing project of Horsham Town Community Partnership (HTCP) whose chairman, David Searle, said, "We hope you, your family and friends stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. We look forward to seeing everyone again on a successful Annual Walk in 2021."

Over the last six years, HTCP has enabled the 13-mile circuit to be improved with better signage, seats and surfaces which makes it accessible every day of the year. It has become a useful local feature and created a lasting difference for heritage, individuals and the community.

In the meantime, don't forget that you can still enjoy walking part or all of the route although, after all that rain, some stretches are muddy.                                      

The RSW Events Committee 17th March 2020